"You look so hot in that dress," she said from the couch, her eyes glued to my rear. "But I want to see what's buried in your little panties.”

I bit my lip and gathered my skirts in my arms, revealing my pink satin panties. I tugged them down with my thumb, revealing the tiny cage.

”Oh, that's beautiful," she breathed. "You're so hard in there. Fuck, baby, I need your mouth — right now.”

I never would have guessed how excited Theresa would be to see me in a maid's outfit — or how quickly she'd have her own ideas about what to do with me. What started as me trying out something hot turned into something much deeper.

It turned into my life.

Now that I'm locked away in panties and dressed as a maid full-time, what does she have planned for me? And what's going to happen on our wedding night?

I can't wait for you to see how thrilling it all can be!

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